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Section 1. Any city, town or regional music teachers association may petition to the Administrative Committee for affiliation in NYSMTA by providing evidence that the following requirements have been fulfilled:
a. That two (2) copies of the Local Association governing document(s) (e.g., Constitution, Bylaws, and Article of Incorporation) have been filed with the Secretary and that they are consistent with those of NYSMTA.
b. That it guarantees on the basis of submitted membership rosters that one hundred percent (100%) of its members who meet the requirements of MTNA Active Membership, and one hundred percent (100%) of its student members, who meet the requirements of MTNA Student Membership, are members in -standing of MTNA.

c. That its fiscal and membership year coincide with that of NYSMTA.

d. That the Local Association establishes a treasury with any necessary legal filings and provides for the levy of Local dues within the Local Association governing document.
Section 2. Upon determining that a petitioning local music teachers association has fulfilled the requirements of

Section one (1) of this Article, the NYSMTA Administrative Committee shall approve the pet.

Section 3.

In referring to its affiliation, each Local Association shall use the phrase “Affiliated with the New York

State Music Teachers Association.” This specified phrase shall be included in the constitutions of all affiliated and Local Associations.

Section 4. Annual renewal of a Local Association shall be made without reconsideration by NYSMTA provided:

a. That the affiliate has not formally notified NYSMTA that it wishes to discontinue affiliation.
b. That all changes in the Constitution and Bylaws of the affiliated Local Association have been filed with NYSMTA, that they are consistent with the Constitution and Bylaws of NYSMTA, and have been approved by the NYSMTA Administrative Committee.

c. That the Local Association carries out the various programs of NYSMTA and MTNA.

d. That all provisions of this Article continue to be fulfilled.
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