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The New York State Music Teachers Association would like to welcome members and non-members alike to Register: online  or printable form)

Conference Schedule for and attend our upcoming conference, to be held on Saturday, October 8 at Nazareth College. The one-day format features a variety of presentations related to the Conference theme of "Enhancing Lesson Effectiveness:Promoting Accomplishment in the Student/Teacher Interaction", the premiere of a commissioned work for saxophone and piano, and a solo piano recital. 


All registered attendees are invited to participate in a truly HUGE MUSIC AND BOOK GIVE-AWAY, thanks to an exceptionally generous donation. Almost all of the scores are in brand new condition, covering a very wide range of teaching and performance literature. 


Dr. McAllister. "Motivating the Net Generation: Five Simple Tools to Get Your Students Thinking, Practicing, and Learning at Home".


The advent of the Internet has shaped the learning styles and expectations of students of the “net generation.” These students have a need for immediacy and an interest in multi-tasking that seems to contrast with the focused, detailed practice required of developing musicians.


This session explores motivational techniques that utilize technology such as video sharing and social networking along with other apps and websites to enhance the learning experience for today's students.         

Dr. McAllister. "Positive Teaching: Getting the Best Out of Every Student" Very rarely do we come across the “ideal student” who learns quickly, focuses during the lesson, practices well, and sounds musical. Instead, teachers often find that they need to be flexible in their approach to serve the unique needs of a diverse population of students. This requires CARE: Concern, Authenticity, Respect, and Empathy. With a consideration of the factors affecting student success and the symptoms of particular learning disorders, this

 presentation will share teaching strategies to help even “problem students” improve and stay motivated.

Dr. Laura Amoriello. “From Living Room to Stage: Helping Students Fight Performance Anxiety" They’ve mastered their piece, secured the memory, and firmly established expression and choreography. Why then do our students still struggle to perform with confidence? Preparing our students musically for a performance is important, but equally critical is preparing them mentally. How can we help students enjoy a fulfilling experience on stage? Grounded in both theory and practice of performance psychology, this workshop is designed to help piano teachers address performance anxiety in the lesson. It is divided into two parts: keys to effective practicing and practical tips for managing anxiety.      

Josh Massicot. “Incorporating Functional Keyboard Skills into the Private Lesson” 

From young students interested in signing up for beginning jazz band; to those applying to such diverse programs of study as music therapy, music education, and music business; and for all those in between who simply want to become more freely versatile players, functional keyboard skills play an important and meaningful role in the fulfillment and success of our students. This workshop will explore the skills of harmonization, transposition, improvisation, arranging andlead sheet realization. Systematic, accessible and pragmatic approaches to developing your students' functional pianism in the environment of the private lesson will be shared.

Dr. Octavio Vazquez2016 MTNA/NYSMTA Commissioned Composer. "Three Departures" for alto saxophone and piano.     

Chisato Eda Marling, alto saxophone; Sarah Rhee-Tirre, piano


Dr. Jacob Ertl, pianist. Conference Guest Artist. A solo program featuring the music of Albeniz, Ravel, Rzewski, Stravinsky/Agosti.  

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