MTNA Competitions: For Entrants, Parents & Teachers

MTNA Competitions: For Entrants, Parents & Teachers

We are happy to welcome you as a participant in the Pennsylvania state level of the MTNA Competitions on Sunday, November 24, 2019 in Penn State, University Park. To make your competition process as smooth as possible, please review the following guidelines and procedures. All information is listed with your competition entrant number that you have received via email. If you have any other questions, please contact the appropriate competition official.

  • Sign in at the registration desk and have music checked. Besides music for you and your accompanist (if applicable), bring one (1) score of each piece you are performing for the judges (MARK MEASURE NUMBERS AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH LINE/SYSTEM IN THE MUSIC YOU WILL GIVE THE JUDGES).

  • You will be assigned a warm-up room and time close to your competition time. Practice facilities at the competition site will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Be outside the competition room ten (10) minutes before your scheduled performance time.

  • All entrants should be present for the announcement of the results at the completion of each individual competition.

  • In their winner email notification, state winners will be provided a link to Division Online Instructions.

  • MTNA recommends that students under the age of eighteen (18) be accompanied by an adult at all levels of the competition. MTNA will exercise all reasonable caution to provide a safe environment for all entrants but cannot guarantee the safety of all entrants.

  • Teachers, coaches, entrants, parents and guardians should not interact in any way with judges before or during the competition at any level.

Students of NYSMTA Members:

Junior High School


High School




Students of Non-NYSMTA Members:

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Submittions & Questions

Postmark Deadline: September 9, 2017

Junior High Competitions
Heather Wheeler
315-265-2530 |

High School Competitions
Daisy Lin
518-618-7488 |

Collegiate Competitions
Wenqing Bouche Pillon
917-903-2697 |

Winners of 2017 Empire Competition: Oct. 6, 2017

Empire Collegiate Piano 1st Place: : Shai Zohar-Natanel, Teacher: Alexandre Moutouzkine

Empire Collegiate Instrumental Winner: Colin Crake: Teacher: Chien-Kwan Lin
Empire High School Piano Winner: Zixin Zhang, Teacher: Dahao Guo
Empire High School Piano Honorable Mention: Sirui Wang, Teacher: Dahao Guo
Empire High School Instrumental Winner: Hannah Kang, Teacher: James Krehbiel
Empire High School Instrumental Honorable Mention: Katherine Wynn, Teacher: Gregory Wood
Empire Junior High School Piano Winner: Margaret Bauman, Teacher: Tamari Gurevich

Winners of 2016 Empire Competition: Oct. 7, 2016


Empire Collegiate Piano 1st Place: Ting Yu. Teacher: Dahao Guo.
Empire collegiate instrumental 1st Place: Anne Kunkle. Teacher: Chien-Kwan Lin.
Empire collegiate instrumental Honorable Mention: Colin Crake. Teacher: Chien-Kwan Lin.
Empire Collegiate instrumental Honorable Mention: Jeremy Howell. Teacher: Chien-Kwan Lin.
Empire High School Piano 1st Place: Raymond Feng. Teacher: Elier Suarez.
Empire H
igh School Piano Honorable mention: Xizhu Liang. Teacher: Dahao Guo.
Empire High School instrumental 1st Place: Benjamin Doane. Teacher: Rosemary Elliot. 
Empire H
igh School instrumental Honorable Mention: Maoto Shimojo. Teacher: Christine Bailey Davis.
Empire Junior High Piano 1st Place: Celine Wang. Teacher: Violeta Arakelova.
Empire Junior High Piano Honorable Mention : Felix Huang. Teacher: Bonnie Choi.