CALL FOR PROPOSALS – Lightning Talks and Posters

Proposal Deadline: 11:59 PM, September 25, 2020

The 2020 NYSMTA Virtual Symposium is seeking video and digital submissions for consideration to be included in our 2020 Lightning Talk and Poster Session on Saturday, October 17, 2020.

Lightning Talks

As the name suggests, these are fast!  Lightning Talks are pre-recorded 5-minute video presentations on a pedagogy-related topic of your choice (see list of topic ideas below).  Selected videos will be presented for viewing and discussion during the Live online session, all other accepted videos will be presented on the NYSMTA website and YouTube channel for members to view.  


Part of the enjoyable nature of a Lightning Talk session is that anything goes!  We are seeking Lightning Talks on a wide variety of topics.  The topics should be practical in nature and applicable to a wide audience of teachers. Visual elements such as Powerpoint slides are encouraged as a part of your recorded Lightning Talk.  

The 5-minute limit for Lightning Talks is strictly enforced!  Make sure your proposed talk will fit the time limit. The most effective lightning talks are usually specific and focused on a single topic/idea, rather than trying to provide summaries of many ideas. 

Sample Lightning Talks 2019

Submission Guidelines

What kind of submission is accepted for a Lightning Talk?

Interested presenters should submit a high-quality video in a standard format (mp4, mov) of up to 5 minutes in duration.


Since these are recorded submissions, we encourage all presenters to make use of visual or audio aids as part of their talk.  These can include a slideshow, YouTube videos, music scores, audio recordings, photos, and more.  (See below for information on including visual aids in your recording).  


What is the easiest way to record my Lightning Talk session?

Presenters may use any means available to produce a video of their session. We recommend using Zoom on a computer with a webcam. Zoom allows one to toggle between a screen-capture slideshow or other content and video feed while seamlessly recording to your computer. Click here to watch a short video about using Zoom to record your session. 

Required Submission Materials

  • Title

  • 50 word abstract/description proposal

  • 50-75 word biography

  • Publicity photo

  • Uploaded video url

Selected presenters must register for NYSMTA 2020 Symposium


Posters are a great way to display research, best practices, and information that benefits NYSTMA members.  We are seeking PDF or high-resolution submissions of posters to be part of our virtual Poster gallery which will be displayed on the NYSTMA website during the conference.  

Posters generally fall into one of two categories: Pedagogy/Best Practice posters, and Research posters.  We welcome posters that display information on a variety of topics, for example: 

  • Pedagogy: ideas for technique development, musicianship, development, specific skills such as sight-reading, scales, pedaling, etc.

  • Lesson/teaching ideas for studio or class piano

  • Music entrepreneurship (building a studio, advertising a studio, etc.)

  • Approaches for teaching specific populations (younger, older, special needs, etc.)

  • Music history

  • Repertoire and composers

  • Jazz, improvisation

  • World, popular, folk music

  • Wellness

  • Aural skills/Music theory concepts

Required Submission Materials

  • Poster title

  • 50 word abstract/description proposal telling what the poster will represent

  • 50-75 word biography

  • Publicity photo

  • A electronic representation of the poster

Sample Poster No. 1

Sample Poster No. 2

Please direct any questions about the Symposium to Leonidas.Lagrimas at leonidas.lagrimas@fredonia.edu