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Section 1. A Nominating Committee shall be elected during the annual spring business meeting in odd-numbered years to nominate NYSMTA officers. The committee shall consist of the Immediate Past-President and four Active Members of the Association. The NYSMTA Board shall elect these four members. The membership of this committee should reflect an equitable geographical distribution throughout the state. Each shall have given his or her consent. The committee shall elect its own chair. If a vacancy occurs on the Nominating Committee, the replacement member shall be the prospective committee member having received the next highest number of votes in the balloting for Nominating Committee members. The Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate of not more than two (2) candidates for each office. This slate shall appear in an issue of the official Association publication at least thirty (30) days before the date of the annual session of the Association when the election is to take place.
Section 2. The Active Members of NYSMTA shall elect by a majority vote the officers of the Association. Nominations from the floor shall be allowed, provided the nominee is eligible for election and has consented to be a candidate. This consent must be given in writing or given in person at the meeting. Election by the members must be by secret ballot, and each office shall be voted on separately. In the event of only one nominee for an office, the President may recommend election by general consent. The election shall take place at the annual session of the members in even-numbered years.
Section 3. The President-Elect, upon completion of his or her term of office, shall become President of the Association. Should the elected President-Elect be unable to assume the Presidency, the President shall be elected, for that term only, in the same manner as that of the other officers.
Section 4. Each officer shall be elected for a term of two years. The President and President-Elect may not succeed themselves in their respective offices.
Section 5. The term of office, except for that of the Treasurer, commences thirty (30) days following the adjournment of the annual session of the Association in even-numbered years. The term of office for the Treasurer shall be the same as the fiscal year, beginning on July 1 following the annual session of the Association in odd-numbered years and ending on June 30 two (2) years later.

Section 6. No officer may hold a national, division or state office concurrently except the Immediate Past-President.
Section 7. Vacancies in any office, except that of President, shall be filled by the President in consultation with the Administrative Committee, and are subject to the approval of the NYSMTA Board. A President-Elect selected in this manner cannot assume the office of President without being elected to that office.
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