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WHY MTNA? Three Perspectives


Membership does more than simply complement your career as a music professional—it supports, supplements and shapes it.  A membership empowers music teachers nationwide to become better educators through networking, leadership, mentoring and educational opportunities.

Membership Delivers:

  • Peer Connections—a network of outlets, forums and channels for like-minded individuals in the music profession to collaborate and communicate, both locally and nationally

  • Ongoing Education—conferences, events and advice on teaching tips and pedagogy, technology and web trends, master classes and informational sessions

  • Invaluable Resources—access to countless benefits, from Certification, publications and consultation services to competitions, teacher enrichment grants and insurance

  • Certification Programs—encourage ongoing professional and educational development and increase teacher competency and effectiveness

Please note:  The Membership Directory of the NYSMTA is updated every other year, and is being done presently. An electronic copy is mailed to all current members. As there is not an online membership database, for reasons of privacy and security, this electronic directory is the only access a member will have for colleague contact information. We ask that if you have not renewed your membership for the current year to please do so as soon as possible.


When renewing your MTNA/NYSMTA membership, please make sure that your email address is up-to-date. All communications, other than this Conference Newsletter, are done through E-News, so your correct email address is extremely important. Timely attention to it will insure continued receipt of MTNA/NYSMTA information, as well as inclusion in the NYSMTA Membership Directory.


If you are not a member yet, we warmly invite you to consider joining (or re-joining, as the case may be).  Initiating or renewing membership is done through the MNTA National office.  Please call Melissa Curtice for more information 513-421-1420 ext. 237 or visit the MTNA website here.



To request more information:

Bonnie Choi

Vice-President for Membership

(585) 389-2695

You can also request more information with this form:

Success! Message received.

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