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State Chair: Christine Johannsen


Since 1973, the New York State Music Teachers Association, in conjunction with the Music Teachers National Association, has commissioned a New York State composer to write a work for premiere at the state conference.  The commission is funded equally by NYSMTA and MTNA as part of a national commissioning project. 


1973    Jean Eichelberger IveySkaniadaryo (Handsome Lake) for piano and tape

1974    William PennMiroirs sur la Rubaiyat for piano and narrator, with dancer ad lib. (Alternate version for clarinet,
             piano, and narrator)

1975    Miriam GideonFantasy on Irish Folk-Motives for oboe, bassoon (or cello), viola and 1 percussion 

1976    James WilleyDuo for Flute and Harp

1977    David MaslankaVariations on Lost Love for Marimba solo

1978    Judith Lang ZaimontTwo Songs for soprano and harp (or piano)

1979    Timothy SullivanLuckeystone for clarinet and computer generated tape

1980    Wayne BarlowIntermezzo for viola and harp

1981    Daria Semegen Music for Contrabass Solo

1982    Ruth Schonthal Fragments from a Woman’s Diary for piano

1983    Ellen Taaffee ZwilichDivertimento for flute, viola, clarinet, and cello

1984    Donald WaxmanTrio for two flutes and piano

1985    Joseph Fennimore – Calentura de Tresia, Second Romance for piano

1986    Samuel AdlerQuintalogues for woodwinds and mallet percussion

1988    Ann SilsbeeDarest Thou Now O Soul for chamber choir and piano

1989    Katherine Hoover Ritual for clarinet and piano

1990    Leo SmitUnder a Tender Moon for soprano, horn, viola, harp

1991    Daniel GodreyNumina for flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, cello

1992    Tania LeonArenas d’un Tiempo (Sands of Time) for piano, clarinet, cello

1993    Hilary TannWater’s Edge for four-hand piano

1994    Richard Brooks – Quintet for Oboe and String Quartet

1995    Robert KeefeThree Songs on Poems of Rick Lyons, Burning Meadows, Roads and Pile Driver for soprano, flute, clarient/bass, violin, cello, piano

1996    Melinda WagnerWing and Prayer for clarinet, cello, piano, percussion

1997    Carleton Clay Reflections and Variations on a Bicentennial (Schubert) for flute, cello, guitar (also flute, viola, harp or flute, clarinet, bassoon)

1998    Justin Dello JoioA Book of Silhouettes: Etudes for piano

1999    Zhuang LiuWind Through Pines for flute, cello and prepared piano

2000    Randall WoolfWild Variations for flute, clarinet, violin & cello

2002    Stefania de KenesseyAfter the City Wept for children’s choir, piano & percussion

2003    Richard Pearson ThomasA Wicked Girl for soprano, cello, and piano

2004    David LiptakShaping the Invisible for piano quintet

2005    Amanda HarbergTenement Rhapsody for two pianos

2006    Sally LambLove’s Philosophy for soprano, clarinet and piano

2007    David SchoberRising Fortunes for brass quintet

2008    Marc MellitsTom for violin and cello

2009    Katherine HooverThe Word in Flowers for mezzo-soprano, piano, flute and guitar

2010    Persis Parshall VerhorThrough Another Season for soprano, piano, flute and guitar

2011    Steven L. RosenhausRescuing Psyche for flute and piano

2013    Cynthia Lee WongSix Guptha Songs for mezzo soprano and piano

2016    Octavio VazquezThree Departures for alto saxophone and piano

2018    Ellen MandelSongs of Dark and Night. Three Songs to Poems of Glyn Maxwell for baritone and piano

2020    Philip WhartonUnderground for Violin, Clarinet and Piano

2022    Hwaen Ch’uqiSuite in the Baroque Manner for two pianos, four hands

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